About us.

The environmentalist economic theory is stating the fact that every dollar ever been printed to generate economies around the world has negative impact to the health of the environment, and any profit that ever been made was made from the cost to the environment. The Environmentalist Economic Equation (EEE) delivers the method to channel some of the profit back to the environment for future generations.

The Environmentalist Economic Equation is simple.

1) Everything we purchase has 3 components:

                    a) Raw Material(RM).

                    b) Labor(L).

                    c) Cost to the Environment(CTE). The cost to the environment is approximately 30% of (a+b)

2) Raw Material + Labor + Cost to the Environment = Total Cost.

3) As consumers you have control over the Cost to the Environment(CTE). You can keep the CTE in your account as $CNC (Carbon Neutral Currency) which you can use to purchase more goods and services from our stores or you can donate the CTE to plant trees, clean up the seas and rivers.


This economic theory is a marketing tool in itself. Customers all around world will support us. We will create an economy covering all other economies and the $CNC will eventual covers all other currencies. The $CNC is digital currency and is at par with the $US at all time.

We are looking for volunteers, ethical investors and businesses to adopt this wonderful environmentalist theory and the earth will eventually be healed.

As Environmentalists we not profit from the environment. As consumers you have the right to decide what to do with the CTE.

Did you know?

1)Did you know if you donate a dollar to https://onetreeplanted.org/ a tree will be planted to reforest?

2)Did you know the the Amazon forest represents more than half of the planet ‘s left-over rain forest? It has approximately 390 billion trees. It produces 20% of the of the world oxygen. It contents 1/5 of the world fresh water. It houses more than half of the world 10 million species of plants, animals, fish and insets. And yes, for every dollar you donate a tree is planted to reforest. So what does this mean if you do the math?

3)Did you know the top 5 richest in the world worth more than the Amazon forest?

4)Did you know the top 20 richest worth 3 times the Amazon forest?

5)Did you know the rate of becoming billionaires is increasing at the fastest rate?

6)Did you know that the rich people became rich by profiting from the cost to the environment (CTE) and not from you? most of us came to this world with nothing and came out with debt.

7)Did you know the rich are storing up their money as ego-counts while millions species are disappearing and the climate is getting ever hotter?

8)Did you know if you join the Environmentalist Revolution(ER) you can change all these?

9)Did you know that it is easy to practice Environmentalism/Carbon Neutral?

10)Did you know that as consumers you have the power to decide what to do with the profit from the environment (cost to the environment)?

11)So now you know you have the power and gofortree.com will help you to get. there. All you need to do is to register for a $CNC account to be part of this exciting revolution. This revolution is unlike any other revolution, not a single fire would be shot.